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Welcome to the War of Minecraft official website!

To connect to our server:
[Port] 25621
Do NOT attempt to log into the server using solely the IP or Port, use the main "TO connect to our server" string.
OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL: http://www.youtube.com/ch ... ywB49-c-XZlS3NzIbQcg
Our server contains many features! It includes plugins such as:
*Ships (adds in moving ships, airships, and submarines!)
*pvpguns (with our custom texture pack, make your hoes into working guns!)
*Villages (Weather in the army helping to fight or just surviving with your friends, you can always ask to JOIN a village!)
*Random teleporter (teleportating from this coming soon!)
*Cannons ("Fire in the whole!" A new epic way to replace tnt cannons and make them BETTER (with just wool, buttons, a torch, stone/cobblestone, and gunpowder!)
*AND many many many many many more! Just do /pl when joining and all plugins will be displayed! 

Our server has just released into Beta 1.1 mode! Congratz! We are just on the pursuit  of guests! We have many friendly staff members that are willing to help you out!
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